Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cargo Bikes Carry More Ice

Four 10 lb. bags of ice with room to spare...


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Riding Above the Clouds

It was the final day of my final Summer Micro-adventure.  The day dawned beautifully, sunny skies and temperatures in the low 60's.  I was slow to get out of bed.  These were perfect sleeping conditions.  I turned my head to the right and looked out the window of my camper.  Nothing but trees and sky atop the mountain upon which I chose to make camp.
Check out time was noon and I still had a bike ride to get in.  After 2 quick cups of coffee and a muffin, I donned Lycra and mounted my trusty steed.  I shot down the mountain to the Skyline Drive and headed North.  I glanced at my watch and realized I had a scant 2 hours to ride, a woefully inadequate amount of time on such a gorgeous day amidst such stunning scenery.  Then I looked on the bright side, I could be at work right now.

How far did I ride?  Uhhhh - I don't know.  What was my average speed?  Don't know that neither.  I didn't even bother to turn on my cycle computer.   Today was not about distance or speed or cadence or heart rate or power.  I stopped at every scenic overview.  I took pictures.

At one scenic overview there was a Sign that indicated that on only 10% of days in summer was it clear enough to see 48 miles and the mountains in West VA.  I saw them clearly.  I hit the one hour out hard stop far too fast and was forced to turn around.  I was back at the base of Loft Mountain before I knew it and was forced to climb the hill that earlier I had shot down.  It was long, it was steep, it was ecstasy.

As I slowly rode upward, I noticed something black just off the side of the road and a few feet ahead.  Then that something moved and I realized it was a black bear.  I startled it as much as it startled me.  It took off running into the brush just as I stood on the pedals and hammered uphill.  Realizing neither of us were a threat to the other we both stopped and looked at one another.  Then the bear went its was and I continued riding to the top.

It was a simple, but epic ride.  Perfect weather and breathtaking scenery and close encounters with wildlife.  What better way to celebrate and remember it but than to toast it with a pint of Ordinary Bitter and put it into words.
Two days earlier I hiked the Appalachian Trail for 13 miles and to quote Karle Wilson' "...I have grown taller from walking among the trees.". 

Today I rode on the Skyline Drive and to quote myself, "...I have grown taller from riding above the clouds."