Friday, May 21, 2010

Watch For Fallen Rocks

Now this is not a sign you see everyday. Unless of course, the New River Trail makes up a part of your daily commute. I had the pleasure of riding this very trail this past weekend.

It turns out, this sign won't placed for mere amusement. For speckled here and there among the trail were small rocks that had rolled down the adjacent cliffs.They weren't anything to cause great alarm, but it wouldn't do the trueness of your wheels any good to ignore them. Then I happened upon this monstrosity.The disconcerting thing about this rock is that it wasn't there the day before. Had I the misfortune of being in this exact spot sometime between yesterday and today, when this mother decided to leave it's home on high. Well, I guess it would have been my time to move to my home on high. As I climbed on my bike and rode away, I couldn't help pondering just how tenuous life is.

This being largely a light hearted blog, I hate to end this post in such a deep and somewhat macabre way. On a lighter note - if the truth be known, there was a greater and more frequent danger that a bike rider on this "multi-use" trail must contend with.

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