Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mechanical Difficulty

On a recent morning commute, as I neared the end, I went over a speed bump and my panniers came off the rack and dangled precariously off my bike. I stopped to survey the problem and ascertain the cause. I won't bore you with those details or the ingenuity I employed to get me back underway. That's not the point of this post.

I really wanted to point out two interesting observations associated with this unplanned event.

The first thing that dawned on me was that this is the first mechanical malfunction that I've had this year. Think of it, I've ridden back and forth to work hundreds of times this year, through all manner of conditions and I haven't had a single mechanical failure. I've not had to stop my bike to fix a single thing. That is a testament to good quality gear and if I the importance and routine maintenance.

The second observation that I made was the simple fact that several folks stopped and offered me assistance. People I knew, people who see me riding this route every day. That realization brings a level of comfort. None of us should consider that we are an island unto ourselves. We are surrounded by family, friends and associates that are there, even in the rarest of circumstances, when we could use a helping hand.

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