Saturday, February 5, 2011

Road Find #1 - An Intro

Many of the blogs I follow have a running series of posts along a certain theme. I have been blogging for over 2 years and have yet to start an ongoing series of my on.

At one point I thought about doing one on "Road Kill", in which I keep a photo journal of the assortment of squashed animals I happen upon during my rides. After further consideration, I thought such a series was a bit macabre and might upset the sensitivities of my faithful readers.

After much soul searching, I think I've happened upon one I can call my own. Over the years of riding, I've found a plethora of useful items laying on the side of the road. I don't ride along intentionally scanning the roadside for treasures. I simply focus my 5 senses on the business of riding. It's more like a sixth sense that has been honed over years of riding to notice these jewels in the rough. When I do, I invariably slow down, circle back and scoop it up. Case in point, on a recent ride I noticed a glint of yellow. I turned around and this is what I beheld...
I wrestled it free from it's snowy grave and stashed it on my rear rack...
I am now the proud new owner of a recyclable grocery bag...
In this series, I will chronicle for you the assortment of things that people drop, lose or throw away and I happen upon and claim as my own.

Bike Riding - the gift that keeps on giving.

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