Friday, June 17, 2011

Moron On A Mongoose

The intersection was filled with flashing blue and red lights compliments of a fire truck, ambulance and police cruiser attending to what appearered to be a serious accident where an SUV T-Boned a small sedan. The SUV sat in the middle of the intersection with it's front end completely crushed and it's front air bag deployed. The small sedan sat off to the side with it's driver side door completely crushed and it's side air bags deployed. The EMTs were busy attending to, who I assumed to be, the driver of the small sedan laid out on a stretcher. The police officer was occupied trying to unsnarl the rush hour traffic that had ground to a halt.

I pulled up to the intersection and waited for the officer to signal me to cross. After a couple of minutes, a young man riding a Mongoose mountain bike approached the intersection. With earbuds in his ears, he wasted not a moment in ignoring the flashing lights, the bumper to bumper traffic, the injured driver, the broken glass, the emergency personnel scattered about as well as the officer's direction and darted across the intersection. What a disrespectful, inconsiderate, self centered moron.

It's Idiots like him that leave a bad taste in my mouth for cyclist. I can't imagine the taste he left in the mouths of the police officer, firefighters, EMTs and countless motorists on all sides of the intersection.

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