Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fare De Well Summer

Most people consider Labor Day weekend as marking the end of Summer. The event that I somberly celebrate is much more personal.

The temperature is a pleasant 83 F. The winds are mild and there be not a cloud in the skies.
Let not this weather fool you. It is not a balmy July day. The lack of humidity is proof of that. It's 5:30 in the afternoon and the sun is already low in the skies.
It's the middle of October. Any day now I'll wake up and it will be cold. In a couple weeks, the time will change and it will be dark when I ride to work in the morning and ride home at night.

Today is the perfect day to celebrate one last time my favorite Summer ritual. I stopped at a local convenience store to purchase some liquid refreshment. Rode to my favorite picnic table nestled among the trees at a nearby park.

I sat back and silently replayed the memories if this past Summer. I pondered the long, cold, dark winter that lay ahead. Here I sat between the two. I guess that's what life is. It's lived on the precipice between the past and present, neither of which I can change or control. The only thing I can affect is the here and now. What I choose to do with each moment of the present. For this moment, I choose to open another beer and enjoy the interlude. In a little bit, I'll ride away from this spot and in all likelihood will not return until new leaves begin to bud on the trees around me.
Fare well Summer - until we meet again on the other side of Winter!!

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