Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Bona Fide Mess

There's multiple things wrong in this picture. Some are obvious while others less so. The problems are centered around the location of my Planet Bike Blaze headlights.

The obvious - notice the location of the left most headlight and the fact that it renders my brass bell ringer less.

The less than obvious - notice the location of both headlights with respect to my Cateye Wireless Computer. The Planet Bike Blaze headlights are amazing pieces of technology. They put out a steady beam that more than adequately lights up the road ahead and they also are capable of a strobing light that makes me highly visible to others. Lighting up the road and making myself highly visible are two very important functions. However, they they seem to emit some kind of electrical interference that renders my cycle computer completely and totally ineffective. My computer can be happily displaying my blazing speed of 13 mph one second and then I turn on the Planet Bike Blazes and I go from 13 mph to 0 mph in a flash.

What I gots myself here is what dey call a Bona Fide mess!

So to rectify these problems I first remove all the hardware.

And rearrange them to give each the the necessary space to perform their intended function.

There's probably some kinda parallel to real life here, but I'm not feeling particularly philosophical this morning, so I'll let that go and let my readers draw their own parallels.

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