Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How Many Bikes are too Many?

I'm getting that itch again. The one that can only be scratched by a new bike. I have 4 bikes that I ride regularly, so you would think that would be enough. This delimma begs the philosophical question:

"Is there such a thing as too many bikes?

I was talking with one of my co-workers a while back about the bikes that I own. He concluded that I didn't need all those bikes. "After all" he said, "you can only ride one at a time. " My response too such an unfathomable leap in logic was, "how many golf clubs do you own, you can only swing one at a time."

I have four bikes, but they each serve a unique purpose:
  • I own a hybrid bike (Trek) that is kinda like my pick-up truck. I use this bike for tooling around the neighborhood and various other utility purposes.

  • I own a road bike (Specialized) that is kinda like my sport car. I use this bike for speed, my long rides, training rides, weekend rides, etc.

  • I own a mountain bike (Klein) that is kinda like my 4-wheel drive. I use this bike for off road purposes.

  • I own a fixed gear bike (Paramount), this is kinda like - well I can't think of a good automobile analogy - it is a breed all its own. I use this bike for commuting.

As you peruse my above list you will note that there is one type of bike that is obviously missing.

That's right - a TOURING BIKE. I need - I want - I gotta have a TOURING BIKE.

The question is what kind? After much research - pondering - soul searching - fasting and praying - I think I have the answer. A Bike Friday - Specifically their New World Tourist. Bike Friday's are folding bikes that are made right here in the good ole US of A.

My thought on buying a folding bike is that I can pack it in a regular sized suitcase, avoiding the costly airline fees normally associated with bikes. When I get to my destination, I unpack the suitcase, which transforms into a bike trailer and I am off. This feature will serve me well on future tours and I can also take it with me on business travel. I am really excited.

I have been in regular contact via e-mail with a Bike Friday sales associate "Peter" and I must confess I have been thoroughly impressed. Peter has answered all my questions and sent me loads of info. I plan to order the bike in early March and I will keep you informed as to how the whole process goes.

"Is there such a thing as too many bikes?" WHAT A RIDICULOUS QUESTION!

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