Sunday, April 5, 2009

My Kingdom for Fenders

After not riding the previous week, for reasons discussed in prior posts, I was back at it full swing this past week. In fact, I rode to work everyday. The temperatures were mild - the winds were manageable - the air was kinda dry. There was threat of rain for two days, but when I walked out the house on those mornings, it wasn't raining, so I rode.

On Thursday morning, it didn't rain on me, but there was evidence that it had rained pretty heavy the night before. The roads were soaked. I could see the water spraying up from my front wheel and imagined the rear wheel was following suit. I so wanted fenders at that moment. I imagined the water leaving a nice trail of wet, brown, grittiness up my backside. That ought to be a tricky one to explain to my co-workers. I loosened the strap on my messenger bag and lowered it in an effort to protect me from having to make such awkward explanations. It must have done the trick - cause no one commented on my backside all day.

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