Monday, September 7, 2009

C&O Canal and GAP Ride - Postlude

Well - there you have it. 34 Blog Posts (35 counting this one) chronicling our Epic Journey of the C&O Canal Towpath and Great Allegheny Passage.

As I mention in my intro, this blog is about "looking over my handlebars and telling you what I see, experience, think and feel." That's what I've attempted to do in this series. I hope you've enjoyed reading it, as much as I enjoyed writing it.

If you wanna see all the pics of this ride, check out the photo album "C&O Canal And Great Allegheny Passage Ride 2009".

Ya'll stay in touch, cause I got more riding to do and more stories to tell.

For now though, I'm gonna sit back, relax and sip on an ice cold beer (Bell's Oberon - my favorite wheat beer).

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