Saturday, September 26, 2009

$&#@!* CARS!!!!! - #2

A couple weeks ago, I was riding work. Running late, which seems to be the rule lately, I took the shorter route which goes through Huntington Park. I was exiting the park at the light that crosses Mercury Blvd. Since I don't have enough metal on my bike to trigger the traffic light sensor, I rolled over to the light pole and pushed the button. My light turned green and out of habit, I first looked right, towards the James River Bridge, all was clear. I then looked left and noticed a white car approaching the intersection at a pretty high rate of speed. Although they had a red light and it had been red for several seconds, it was obvious that they weren't slowing down.

As the car barrelled through the intersection at 45 MPH, I noticed the female driver chatting away furiously on her cell phone. She was completely oblivious to the dangers she placed herself and others, principally me, in.

My dear readers, never take a green light for granted. Look both ways before you stomp on those pedals. It may mean the difference between life and death. It did for me on this particular morning.

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