Friday, July 2, 2010

Mini Tour de France - Preview

July is my favorite month of the year. July holds this prestigious position for 2 principal reasons:

First - it is the peak of Summer, with plenty of sunshine and warm weather.

Second - the Tour de France.

Like cycling enthusiasts around the world, I will be glued to the TV every night for 3 straight weeks, watching each stage of this epic race. My sleep will suffer, but the ecstasy is worth it.

This year I have decided to celebrate my favorite month by adding a different twist, that will draw upon the wonderful weather and the "Tour". I have decided to do my own, mini version of the Tour de France. The rules of engagement are as follows:

1. On the days of the time trials, I will ride equal distances. That's 2 time trials totaling 37 miles.

2. On the days of road stages that fall on a weekday, I will ride 25% of the distance for each of those stages. That's 13 stages totalling 386 miles.

3. On the days of road stages that fall on a weekend, I will ride 50% of the distance for each of those stages. That's 6 stages totalling 319 miles.

If my math is correct that equals 742 miles in total. As I ponder this endeavor, the distance does not concern me. The aspect of this challenge that causes me the greatest angst is, with work and family, finding the time to ride. I have a 3 week supply of Powerbar Endurance Beverage and Chamois Butt'r. We'll see how it goes.

Lucky for you, my faithful flock, thanks to the wonders of the Internet, and the power of the Blogoshere, I will take you along every stage of the way. Just think - you'll get to ride and won't have to spread anything on your butt to do it.

It all begins tomorrow - so stay tuned!!!

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