Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year Resolutions - 2010 Review

Well - here we are on the final day of 2010. Time to look back and see how I did regarding my resolutions for the year.

Car Free for One Month (Grade = F) - While I did a pretty good job of riding my bike more for utility purposes, I never did attempt to go car free for a deliberate period of time. Life just got in the way - I'm gonna try this one again next year.

Build a City Bike (Grade = A) - I was able to convert my Light Roadster to a fully functional city/commuter bike. I know I haven't told you about it on this blog, but that post is coming, I promise.

Post at Least Once a Week (Grade = A+) - This year I posted 85 times. That's better than 1-1/2 times per week. It may be time to stretch myself and shoot for twice a week next year.

Lose Weight (Grade = D) - Well, at several points throughout the year I was able to focus my exercise and eating habits such that I brought my weight down to within single digits of my 155 lb. goal, then I would backslide. I was kind to myself and gave myself a D because at least I don't weigh any more than I did a year ago.

Ride the Blue Ridge Parkway (Grade = F) - What can I say, not only did I not ride the Parkway, but I did not take a week long tour PERIOD! That is totally unacceptable and I can assure you, this is a wrong that will be righted next year.

Increase Practical Bike Use (Grade = A+) - I rode to work everyday this year with the exception of 6 days due to icy conditions. On those days I took the bus. Not only did I ride to work, but I expanded my bike use for other errands as well. I rode it to church, the grocery store, the drug store, the gym, the barber, restaurants, the hardware store, the coffee shop and the like.

There you have it. My GPA isn't anything to brag about, but overall I'm pretty satisfied with the year. Stay tuned tomorrow and I'll roll out my resolutions for 2011.

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