Monday, July 18, 2011

Adirondack Loop - Day 3

Blue Mountain Lake to Lake Clear. 54 miles.

Last night was literally a dark and stormy night. The tent was lit with the flashes of lightning and the ground pad I slept upon was not thick enough to cushion me from the thunder that shook the ground and the rain! The rain fell in torrents.

When I awoke at dawn the next morning, there was a lull in the storm, so I packed up a wet tent and rode off under threatening skies. I made it 12 miles down the road to the town of Long Lake just as the skies opened and from it fell lightning and rain! I sought shelter under the overhang of a small motel and waited it out. After 45 minutes the thunder stopped, but the rain continued to fall. I put on my rain jacket and rode on.

In that same town I stopped at the post office and filled two boxes with junk that I had packed and determined that I didn't need anymore. I plopped down $26 dollars and shipped them home. It was the best $26 I ever spent. I can't begin to describe how much easier the climbing was after that.

I stopped in the town of Tupper Lake for a lunch of salad and pizza. It was awesome. Then I pushed on under threatening skies to my final destination for the day. Amazingly, the rain went around me and I even caught a few glimpses of sun.

I arrived at my campsite and I feel really good. I have a lighter load and I am starting to ride myself into some climbing shape.

Tomorrow I ride to Lake Placid and there are two major mountain passes to climb over to get there. Oh boy!

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