Sunday, December 2, 2012

Last Piece - Let's Ride

One may be tempted to look at these pictures and conclude that they have nothing to do with bicycling. That would be a rash conclusion indeed. These pictures have everything to do with bicycling.

The story begins the Summer of 2011. That was the Summer that I did a week long bike tour in upstate New York. I promised my wife that when I finished that ride, I would start focusing on getting things done around the house.

True to my word, as soon as I got back, I hung up the bike and picked up a tool bag. Over the last year and half, I've completely re-sided the outside of our house. It took longer than I thought and was much more involved than I envisioned. But yesterday, as documented in the pictures that started this post, I installed the very last piece of siding!!!!!

Now my attention will once more drawn toward that which has been in the past and will be in the future, a ever present and comforting force in my life - my bicycle!! And you my faithful readers will benefit as well, cause I plan to talk about it.

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