Monday, May 29, 2017

Why Am I Doing It

Why?  Now that is a good question?

I can speak to the logistics of this trip to ad nauseam.  I can talk to the technical details of my gear until your eyes glaze over. start asking that which touches the heart and I begin to stammer and falter.

 "Sometimes you have to leave everything to find yourself"

That quote has been on the whiteboard in my office for months now.  I've read it hundreds of times.  I've pointed to it when people ask why.

However, as that first pedal stroke draws closer, the "why" is becoming less clear.  I'm coming to the realization that the "why" lies in the 4228.5 miles between Astoria and Yorktown.  The only way I'm gonna find it, is to ride those miles.

Why?  I can't answer that question now; however, I make this promise to my readers...if it I discover it...I will share stay tuned...


  1. Good luck tomorrow Paul!! We're all rooting for you!! Stay safe and have the time of your life!! I'm looking forward to hearing the "why"!!

  2. Good luck!!! Can't wait to read more along your travels!
    -Sydney (who brings you pizza)