Friday, May 22, 2009

Never Let Your Dog Out naked

When you commute to work, you see all kinds of unusual things, not to mention learn some of life's most important lessons.

This morning as I meandered though the neighborhoods on my way to work, I noticed a big black lab having a grand ole time running from yard to yard. His tail was wagging so furiously that it shook his whole body. He was too enthralled in sniffing around to take any notice of me. I've ridden this street hundreds of times over the years and this is the first time I ever saw this dog running free. Once I realized he wasn't going to make a sport of chasing me, I began to ponder where he came from? This nagging question was quickly answered, when 3 houses down, I saw a wet haired man tearing out his front door with nothing on but a towel. Where is my camera when I need it? I would love to have stuck around and seen how this scene played out, but I didn't want to be late, so I rode on. (Special Note: If it been the man's spouse running out the door with nothing on but a towel, I would have stopped to lend assistance, no matter how late that made me. I am a gentleman after all.)

Had I been roaring down the main traffic thoroughfare in a natural resource guzzling - sheet metal encased - internal combustion powered - environmental hazard, I would have missed this scene all together. The antics of a nearly naked man and his dog would have gone unnoticed. That would have been a shame.

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