Friday, July 3, 2009

June Recap - New Year's Resolutions

June is fast fading in the past. Time to review my New Year Resolutions:

1. Drive my truck to work less than 25% of the time. (GRADE = A)

Year to Date:
Bike = 87
Bus = 18
Truck = 8

Truck driven to work 7% of the time. While I am still under my goal, I lowered my grade from an A+ to an A. That's because I drove my truck to work 3 times in June. Mind you, I have some pretty good excuses for all 3 instances, but that's just what they are - excuses. Hopefully I can get back on track in July and leave the truck at home.

2. Complete a Triathlon. (GRADE = DNF)
Dropped in April. Upped the number of centuries from 3 to 6.

3. Ride at least 6 centuries. (GRADE = A+)
I procrastinated until the last possible moment to ride a century in June. It wasn't an organized ride, but a solo affair. I dubbed it the "All Alone 100". I'm preparing a blog to describe it, it will be out later today. Since I possessed the will power and discipline to ride 100 miles all by my lonesome, I decided to up my grade to an A+.

4. Start blogging and create a web site for "". (GRADE = A)
I was able to average a little over 1.5 blogs a week in June. That's a little down from April and May, but I was out of town for a week and didn't have internet access. Still not too shabby.

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