Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 - New Year Resolutions

Well, it is the start of a New Year, a new beginning, time to let go of our failures and shortcomings of the past and start afresh. I enjoy making New Year resolutions. Unfortunately, I have a bad habit of being too aggressive in my resolutions and as a result fail to achieve them all. I hope to remedy that this year by establishing resolutions that will stretch me, but at the same time are realistically achievable. So here we go:

Expand the practical use of my bicycle – I already use me bike for riding regularly to work. I want to keep that going, but now expand it to include other activities such as riding more to church, the gym and when running errands.

Go “car free” for one month – living in the area that I do, I won’t say that it is impossible to live “car free”, but it would be extremely inconvenient. That being said, I would be interested to see what it is like to go without a car for one month. Who knows, I may even try to post daily blogs chronicling the experience.

Complete an unsupported bicycle tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway – for my bike tour this year, I would really like to stretch myself and ride the entire length (469 miles) of the Blue Ridge Parkway. In order to accomplish this goal I will have to lose weight, train hard and be meticulous in my gear and packing.

Reduce my weight to 155 lbs – right now I am hovering around 170 lbs. I plan to improve my eating habits, reduce my beer consumption and increase my exercise in order to trim down to the 155 lb mark. To reward myself, I plan to purchase a brand new set (front and back) of Ortlieb panniers upon achieving this goal.

Build a “City Bike” – similar to what I did last year with my “Light Roadster”, I would like to expand my harem of bikes by building my own “City Bike”. The preliminary plans for such a bike are already bouncing around in my head. I will use this blog to bring you along on the entire design and build process.

Post to this blog at least once per week – I am already posting at this regularity and was tempted to establish this goal at two per week, but I am trying to be realistic here. I have a regular life and I do not want to put myself in a position where I compromise on the quality of my posts in order to achieve some arbitrary quota. Therefore, I am going to keep the goal at one and really focus on content and quality.

OK - So there you have it - my New Year Resolutions. On reviewing them, it would appear that I have once again, either overstepped or stretched the bounds of achievable. I'll keep them where they are keep you posted on my progress.

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