Saturday, January 30, 2010

An Old Dog - Amended

Before you read any further, please go back and read this earlier post "An Old Dog".

One day this past week, I was riding home from work, that same dog - a little older - a little wiser - chased me! He did not sit passively in his yard and lazily watch me pass as he had done on literally hundreds of occasions in the past. He chased me!! He didn't just leisurely perambulate in my general direction. He chased me with an abandonment!!!

I was traveling faster than his aged legs could carry him, plus there was a fence between us. He didn't catch me. There was no way he could. I think he knew that. Yet - he chased me all the same.

The question is why? Why would he chase me, when he knew it was but an exercise in futility?? Why would he chase me, when he knew he would but walk away panting heavily and empty pawed???

The answer is not as complicated or elusive as you might think. It's actually quite simple really.

We are dogs and that's what dogs do!

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