Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Cargo Bike - Part 1

A couple posts back, I alluded to my Cargo Bike and then it dawned on me, I have yet to enlighten my readers as to this new addition of my Harem.

A couple months back I was standing in my garage, sipping a cold beer and admiring my doll babies. Along the west wall of my garage they hung gracefully: my Road Bike, Fixed Gear Bike, Touring Bike and Mountain Bike. While gracefully leaning on it's kickstand, beneath them all was my Light Roadster.While any man would consider himself exceedingly lucky to have such hotties attending his every whim, I couldn't shake the feeling that something was missing. As this nagging realization tugged at my heart, I glanced to the other side of my garage and noted my Old Schwinn hanging all alone and neglected.A pang of guilt pierced my already troubled heart. The nagging and piercing combined to put me in a state of melancholy. To keep the pain at bay, I opened the fridge and took out another beer.

As I sipped slowly, a solution to my dilemma slowly dawned upon me. Why don't I convert the Old Schwinn into a Cargo Bike? I was so delighted with my genius, that I opened the fridge and got another beer.

I then sat down among my Harem and began to formulate a plan to make this new dream a reality. For your reading pleasure, I will chronicle this creation in the next couple posts.

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