Thursday, April 22, 2010

Cargo Bike - Part 2

Having given birth to the idea of building my very own Cargo Bike, it was now time for the execution phase.

The first order of business in converting my old Schwinn into a bonified cargo bike was to upgrade it's components. While my old Schwinn may have been the cat's meow in her day, her components had grown outdated to say the least.

After examining her closely, I concluded that other than the wheels and frame, everything else would have to be replaced. Some if the stuff I already had, such as cranks, seat and handlebar. The rest I would have to buy. A few clicks on found a box arriving full of - new shifters, new brakes, cables, tires, tubes, etc.

It was off with the old:

.And on with the new:
Before long the makeover was complete. My dilapidated old Schwinn...Now stood poised and ready for her conversion to a Cargo Bike...

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