Thursday, April 8, 2010

NAHBS - Part 5 - What Really Turns Me On Is The Twist

Wheel building is a highly tuned skill. Building a fine set of wheels requires the proper tools, a knowledge of basic concepts, a methodical approach and loads of patience. The wheel builder must possess these basic things along with a healthy dose of touch and feel and intuition. Yet up until I walked into Black Sheep Bikes booth, I never considered wheel building to be an art form. That all changed when I cast my eyes upon these beauties.I studied these wheels intently in real life and since in pictures and I fail to see the practical and functional point in twisting spokes in such a manner. In my humble, engineering assessment, twisting spokes like this takes gobs of time, complicates the lacing process and is wholly unnecessary. However, I don't think it matters, nor was it the driving motivation on the part of the builder. These spokes were twisted because they look cool that way. I think that was the only thing that mattered. How twisted is that?

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