Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bike on Bike

I know the title sounds a bit kinky, but it's an accurate description of the feat.

Yesterday was the day I was scheduled to pick up my new bike.  As I rode home from work, my excitement built with each pedal stroke.  When I finally got home, I was crestfallen to discover that my wife had taken my truck.  Not to be thwarted from my task of picking up my new bike, I thought up a plan and thought it up quick.
That's right.  If I couldn't pick up my bike with my truck, I was gonna pick it up with my Cargo Bike.  My wife actually got home before I completed the retrofit of the fork mount on the bed of my Cargo Bike, but by that time, I was already committed.

I rode to the bike shop - picked up my new bike - mounted the new bike on my Cargo Bike - rode home.  The plan worked flawlessly.

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