Friday, March 18, 2011

A New Cargo Bike

I recently added another bike to my harem.  I bought my wife a "Specialized Expedition".
Now, I know what your thinking. Paul you said you added a bike to your Harem. You can't count your wife's bike. True - true - true! Now to the "rest of the story". With my wife being the proud new owner of a new bike, something had to be done with her old bike, which was a very nice, practically brand new, "Cannondale Day Tripper".

We had considered trading her in when we bought my wife's new bike, but at the last second I had a revelation. This bike would make an awesome cargo bike. So I took the Xtracycle off my old Schwinn...
...and put it on the Cannondale.
Isn't she an absolute beauty?   She rides like a dream.  For me, it was love at the first pedal stroke!

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