Thursday, June 4, 2009

May Recap - New Year's Resolutions

May is behind me. Time to review my New Year Resolutions:

1. Drive my truck to work less than 25% of the time. (GRADE = A+)

Year to Date:
Bike = 74
Bus = 17
Truck = 5

Truck driven to work only 5% of the time. The astute reader will notice that the only number that changed above from April was the number of times I rode my bike. That's right - I rode my bike to work every day in May. I never drove the truck. I never rode the bus. I am bad to the bone.

2. Complete a Triathlon. (GRADE = DNF)
Dropped in April. Upped the number of centuries from 3 to 6.

3. Ride at least 6 centuries. (GRADE = A)
I completed my first century of the year on my 47th birthday on May 9. I rode the Cap2Cap ride from Williamsburg to Richmond and back to Williamsburg. It was a good ride. I am working on a post describing it that I hope to have out later this week.

4. Start blogging and create a web site for "". (GRADE = A)
I was able to average a little over 2 blogs a week in May. I am happy with that.

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