Saturday, September 11, 2010

GRT - Perfecto Weather

I've done numerous bike tours over the years, ranging from a long weekend to a full week. During that time, I've experienced a broad spectrum of weather conditions. In fact one time, I took a 4 day road trip in which 2 of the days were in literally hurricane conditions. That story is too long for the likes of a blog post. Buy me a beer sometimes and I'll be glad to tell you the story.

Yet in all the bike tours I've had the pleasure of taking, the weather for our weekend ride on the Greenbrier River Trail, was hands down the absolute best.

The humidity was low.

The winds were mild.

The skies were clear with not a drop of rain falling along the entire eastern seaboard.

The highs during the day were the upper 70's - perfect for riding.

The lows at night were in the upper 50's - perfect for sleeping. Perfect that is unless you're Ray and Buck who decided to ignore my sage advice and fore go a sleeping bag. Their bedding consisted of something akin to Grandma's shawl.

Given the awesomeness of the weather - I suspect Ray and Buck have been lulled into thinking that all bike tours are like this. I didn't have the heart to tell them different. If they keep riding, they'll discover the truth eventually. I just hope that when the weather forecast is calling for a hurricane moving up the East coast - they have enough sense to stay home - I wish I had!

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