Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Insulated Water Bottles

Bob is a long time biking buddy of mine. For as long as I can remember, Bob has always had a bit of a fetish for cold beverages while riding. To satisfy that fetish he has been a long time fan of Polar Water Bottles. Before a ride and during a ride, I have had to wait more than once for Bob to buy, steel, borrow, or generally finagle a bottle of ice to quench his unhealthy addiction.

I always felt as though Bob were a bit of a wimp for making such a fuss about the temperature of his liquid refreshment. Mind you, when it comes to beer I share his conviction, but apart from that, particularly when it involves your water bottle, well that's just plain ridiculous.

I've been cycling a long time. During that time, I've consumed more bottles of luke warm water than desert nomads. I even took it as a bit of a point of pride, and as such felt I were a better man than Bob. In my way of thinking, drinking ice cold water from a water bottle was akin to sipping on fruity drinks garnished with an umbrella.

This Summer has drastically changed my opinion in this regard. In Va, as in many areas of the country, we have been experiencing a heat wave of unparalleled proportions. A couple months back, I filled my water bottles with tap water, the same as I have for the past 20+ years. I jumped on my bike and not 5 miles down the road, the liquidy contents almost scalded my mouth. I rode the remaining 7 miles without drinking. Upon arriving in Colonial Williamsburg, I took long draughts from the water fountain. Before heading back to Yorktown, I refilled the bottles. I wasn't 5 miles down the road and wallah, I had hot chocolate, minus the chocolate. On my way home, I stopped at a local sport's store and became the proud new owner of my very own set of Polar Water Bottles.

Over the last couple months, my "on the bike" drinking habits have been revolutionized. I fill the bottles with ice, dump in some powdered sport's beverage and fill with water. I then enjoy, even in the hottest conditions, ice cold refreshment for nigh on 2 hours.

In closing, I've come to the conclusion that my good friend Bob, perhaps may not be as good a friend as I thought. He's been holding back on me. For years he's enjoyed the unbridled ecstasy of "on the bike", chilly, liquid passion; while I've had to settle for something akin to the consistency and temperature of piss. Am I bitter? You try drinking piss for 20 years and see what kind of taste it leaves in your mouth.

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