Monday, November 30, 2009

Colonial Triangle Ride - Day 2 - Campground

I arrived at the Chickahominy Riverfront Park around mid-afternoon. After checking in, I rode to my sight and couldn't believe my luck. My sight had to have been the best one in the campground. It was situated right at the very point where a small tributary feeds into the Chickahominy River. After setting up my tent I stood in awe of the view.As if the view weren't enough, when I looked to my right or left, there were no campers in sight. It was as though I had this part of the campground to myself. I Poured myself a bit of stout, sat on the picnic table, took out my Ipod to read a while, took in my surroundings and thought to myself, "it don't get no better than this!" In case you were wondering, no, the Swedish Bikini Team did not drop in.

After a bit of reading, I started about the task of fixing dinner. While the chicken jambalaya simmered slowly, I watched the sunset.The sun bid farewell for another day just as dinner was done.

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