Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Colonial Triangle Tour - Day 2 - Colonial Parkway

With my campground broken down and bike fully loaded, I headed out for the second day of my micro-tour. I jumped back on the Newport News Park Bikeway.I rode the Bikeway for a couple miles to an adjoining road. I found a break in the fence and pushed the bike through and across a small ditch and onto this country road.I followed this road to the Colonial Parkway. I followed the Parkway along the York River for a few miles.Then it turned inland towards Williamsburg.This section of the Parkway is pretty hilly and it helped me see how I and my bike would perform fully loaded. As I have mentioned before, I have my eyes on doing the Blue Ridge Parkway next Summer. While the tiny undulations of the Parkway, pale in comparison to the mammoth climbs of the Blue Ridge, I thought this little section would give me a microcosmic glimpse of what to expect. Conclusion – I NEED TO REDUCE WEIGHT SIGNIFICANTLY!!!!!!!!!

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