Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Out With the Old - In With the New

Today was my first commute to work in the new year. As I pulled out of the driveway, I could hear the shipyard's whistle signaling the start of first shift. My place of employment is no less than 5 miles from my house, but it's whistle resonated eerily clear in the crisp morning air. It was as though it was opening its arms in the distance and beckoning me to come.

I rode slowly. Not because I was tired. Not because there was a headwind. Not because I was experiencing a mechanical failure. Not because it was uphill. I rode slowly in a feeble effort to postpone that inevitable embrace.

I finally arrived at work and my first order of business was to take down the old calendar where I kept track of my bike commuting days (Green = Bike, Yellow = Bus, Red = Truck)...

...and put up the new.

Looking at that blank calendar, I realized, with mounting excitement, that I have a lot of days to ride this year. It's good to be back.

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