Thursday, March 26, 2009

Building a Bike - Part 2 - Components

They don't look like much now, but this assortment of parts will one day coalesce into a beautiful and functional "light roadster". I was able to scour my garage and come up with some of the components to get me started: frame, stem, hubs, crank arms, seat post and derailleur. For the rest I had to scour the Internet and in the process found some pretty neat places to shop and some good deals to boot:
Niagara Cycle Works sold through I found some North Road style handlebars (very reasonably priced), Weinmann LP-18 rims and Pyramid steel touring brake levers (these bad boys are a little on the heavy side, being steel and all - but they look old fashioned - I like that).

I got this Brooks Flyer from Lickbike. This is the first Brooks Saddle I've ever owned or ridden on. I've heard so much about them over the years. My butt is giddy over the prospect of finally sitting on one. This is the purchase I'm most proud of. I am a bell person - in fact to get an idea of my affection for bells - I recommend you go back and read one of earlier posts entitled "I Lost My Bell Today". I got this jewel from Calhoun Cyclery. It's a Suzu brass bell. I have to tell you this bell not only looks great, but it has a beautiful sound that resonates for a looooong time. I ordered two (one for the Roadster and one for my wife's bike). I'm thinking of ordering a 2 or 3 more and outfitting all my bikes with them.

From Harris Cyclery I found all kinds of cools stuff including a 44 tooth chainring, single stack chainring bolts, SKS P-45 fenders, repro Raleigh type grips and MKS black rubber pedals (these booggers are heavy too, but again old and classic looking).
In total - I spent $346.49 on the components. I'll need a few more miscellaneous items like cables, housings and rim tape. I'll also need to get my wheels built. I'll get all this at local shops. I'm hoping to get by with spending about $500.00 in total. Not a bad price when you consider all the hours of joy I will get riding this beauty.

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