Sunday, March 8, 2009

My Bike - My Love

I fell in love again this weekend. After a long winter of poking at the edges to see what else lie out there - I am now back in the bosom of my true love.

This winter I have embraced swimming. This winter I have snuggled up close with running. While these affairs have kept me trim - they have been woefully inadequate in capturing my heart - my passion!

As I rode to work Friday morning - I battled a brisk headwind. Were I to blog about that ride - I think I would entitle it, "Headwinds - Hooray!" It would merit such a title because a headwind in my morning commute could mean but one thing - warmer weather was on the way.

This weekend brought absolutely amazing weather - copious amounts of sunshine and temps well into the 70's. I rode nigh on 50 miles Saturday and 32 today. I am intoxicated with love. How could I even think that swimming would bring such joy. How could I imagine - even in my wildest dreams - that running would bring such fulfillment.

I have been unfaithful! I am a dog! The shame is indescribable! Even as I indulged myself in temporal pleasure (running and swimming) - my bikes hung faithfully in the garage. They knew not my embrace. They grew dusty and weary from my neglect. Yet - they hung there all the same - braving the cold - enduring the dark. Their hope sprung eternal that I would come to my senses and realize that they are all I need. They are all I desire. They are all I want.

Mere words of mine cannot begin to capture the shame I feel. No amount of weeping and wailing can begin to make up for my adultery. How could I have been so blind?

While I cannot erase the past or soon soothe the scars I have caused. I vow this: I will ride! I will ride far!! I will ride often!!! I will kiss and tell!!!!

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