Sunday, March 1, 2009

February Recap - New Years Resolutions

OK - month number 2 is behind me. Time to review my New Year Resolutions:

1. Drive my truck to work less than 25% of the time. (GRADE = A+)

Year to Date:
Bike = 30
Bus = 6
Truck = 2

Truck driven to work only 5% of the time. I'm still da man!!!!

2. Complete a Triathlon. (GRADE = C)

Still waiting for warmer weather. Although I have to admit - my training suffered a bit in February. I still did some swimming and running, but nothing like January. Life has been kinda getting in the way.

3. Ride at least 3 centuries. (GRADE = N/A)

Still waiting for warmer weather. Targeting first century in May. Time to start getting serious. The month of March will be dedicated to base miles.

4. Start blogging and create a web site for "". (GRADE = B)

The blogging has been going pretty good. I averaged 1 post per week during February. I made quite a bit of progress with the website earlier in February, but haven't looked at it in weeks. Again - its that life thing getting in the way.

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