Saturday, March 14, 2009

Riding in the Dark

Thanks to moving the clocks forward an hour last weekend - I'm back to riding in the dark on my morning commute. I don't mind really - principally for two reasons. Number one - this means that it gets darker later, which gives me more time to ride when I get home. Secondly - I generally like riding in the dark. For me it's peaceful and quiet. It's relaxing.

The dark envelops me and I feel like I'm in my own little world - a world no larger than that illuminated by my headlight.

The dark slows the world down which make me feel like I am going faster.

The dark silences the world - a silence I bask in - a silence that is too sacred to break.

When riding in the dark - minus the distractions of the light - I ride with my thoughts.

The days are getting longer. Soon the darkness will give way to light. For me - to be perfectly honest - I am torn. While I relish the long, hot days of summer - I lack not an appreciation for the cold, dark days of winter. I am left with but one choice - ride on!

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