Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pedal Powered Poop Hauler

When you camp for more than a few days without sewer hook-up, it's a good investment to have a portable dump tank.  However, I always feel a little funny and guilty when I hook my little 15 gallon tank to the back of my big pick-up truck to tow it to the nearest dumping station...
The sheer contrast in size looks rather ridiculous.  Furthermore, burning all this gas for such a small task seemed like such as waste.  This past memorial day weekend, as I was sitting outside my camper drinking a cold beer (which is when I do some of my best thinking),  I pondered this conundrum of a 15 gallon tank being pulled by 1/2 ton pick-up and had myself a bit of an aha moment.

When I got home, I found a piece of aluminum flat bar hanging around the garage and after a few grips in the vice, banging with the hammer, cutting with the hack saw and filing everything smooth, I made myself a little adaptor to go on my bike...
which transformed my bike into a "Pedal Powered Poop Hauler"...
No more looking ridiculous!!!

No more burning gas!!!

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