Friday, May 6, 2011

Phantom on a Bike

I was climbing on my bike about to head home for the day. It was late, the sun was starting to set, the light was fading fast. It was at this moment that I saw the ghost of a man dressed in leather knickers, wearing a Flat Cap and riding a vintage tricycle. The bike looked like a trike version of a penny farthing with two big wheels in the front and a small wheel in the back.

I knew it was a ghost cause people don't dress like that nowadays and they don't ride those kind of bikes. If these indicators weren't enough to convince me that this was an apparition, the fact that he rode right through the iron bars of the fence surrounding the place I work without missing a pedal stroke removed all doubt.
I was just about to take off after him to get a closer look and maybe chat a bit, when the unthinkable happened, I woke up. I frantically tried to force myself back to sleep that I might ride with this phantom of by gone years. Yet my efforts at slumber were all in vain.

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