Monday, May 14, 2012

Bike to Work Month - Day 10 - A Flat

As I rode by she was just coming round the quarter panel of her SUV.  She obviously had places to be and things to do - take the kids to school - get to work...  Then she looked down and to her right promptly followed by a raising of her hands,  lifting of her head and rolling of her eyes.  She would be going no where soon, for the rear wheel on the driver's side was flat.

I was tempted to suggest that she ride a bike, but obtuse as I am, even I could tell that this was neither the time nor place to counsel her on alternate modes of transportation.  I smiled, but not until I was sure she couldn't see me, and rode on.  I was secure in the knowledge that I had air in my tires and even in the unfortunate event that I flatted - I possessed the tools, spare parts and know how to make the necessary repairs and continue on my way in as little as 15 minutes.

Simple and self sufficient - that's what I like - that's why I commute by bike.

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