Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bike to Work Month - Day 2 - A Random Epiphany

I've mentioned before how when riding back and forth to work, I have lots of time to think. That is simultaneously a good thing, but also, considering my mind, can be scary as well.

A case in point, there's one particular house I pass each day in which lives a middle aged couple. They don't have any children. They don't have a dog or cat or goldfish (at least they don't take the gold fish outside). What they do have are two or three of the biggest, hairiest, ugliest rabbits I've ever seen. Now, I've known folks that raise rabbits, but they have been entirely confined to a little wire cage. This couple actually takes their rabbits outside everyday and let's them rummage around the yard getting exercise, fresh air and vitamin D. Sometimes they bring them out in a little cage. Other times they construct a small portable fence and let the wander around this makeshift corral. Often times though they let them wander around the yard freely.

Most days that I pass, this couple are on their hands and knees trying to coax these small minded mammals out of some bush that they've burrowed themselves into. Every time I see this couple, I actually feel sorry for them. They have pets that don't bark, don't fetch, aren't squat for home security, don't come when they're and have very little to no personality. This couple's lives are relegated to scooping up little round turds, crawling around on their hands and knees trying to keep their critters out of the shrubs while all the time scanning the skies to assure a random hawk won't swoop down and carry away their loved ones.

Just today as I rode past their house, after stopping at the tavern for a pint or two, I once again witnessed this couples poor plight in life and was struck by an epiphany. I was one pint shy of crying aloud, but it still screamed in my head - "eat the dadgum rabbits and be free!"



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