Thursday, May 3, 2012

Bike to Work Month - Day 3 - Caught Between Winter & Summer

Riding in April and early May in VA can be a crap shoot. I'll wake up one morning and the weather is absolutely beautiful with clear skies, mild temperatures and a gentle breeze - its the kind of morning when no matter how slow or far I ride, I still get there way too soon. I wake up another morning and it's hot and humid - it's the kind of morning when I get to work soaked in sweat. 

This morning I was expecting warm temperatures and sunny skies. I was playing golf that afternoon and so, as tradition would have it, I donned my pink, Nike, golf shirt. I was only a few pedal strokes down the street when I realized that I overestimated the temperature (that's what I get for believing the forecast in Eastern VA) and found myself a bit underdressed. I was cold, but once I start pedaling away, I generally have a rule of not turning back. My shirt which is perfect for letting air in and sweat out, performed to perfection. It let lots of cool air in to rotate freely around my goose bump covered skin. It was the kind of morning when no matter how fast or short the distance I ride, I still don't get there soon enough.


Oh well - at least I still rode and that's always a good thing.


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