Friday, May 11, 2012

Bike to Work Month - Day 9 - Stuck in Traffic (NOT)

As I was riding home through the quiet neighborhoods that make up my daily commute, I was re-riding in mind the commute of the day before. I was trying to make my way to Fort Monroe when I snapped the following photo as my route paralleled I-64.

I was the only bike on the bike path while the interstate was a parking lot jammed full of cars. There I was enjoying the sunshine and fresh air while countless drivers sat and waited. Surely each of those drivers had a place to be and I doubt it was sitting idle on the interstate. I wonder how many were tense and frustrated? I wonder how many sat numb and resigned to their fate? I wonder if it dawned on any of them that they had an alternative, a two wheeled alternative? An alternative that improved their health, rejuvenated their state of mind, saved them money, was friendly to the environment, relaxing, fun and simple. Bikes may not be able to save the world - but they can make a heck of a dent in improving it.

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