Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bike to Work Month - Day 8 - After Work Fish Fry

After work today, I attended a fish fry for a society that I'm a member of. So when I climbed on my bike, I pointed it east towards Fort Monroe. I wasn't sure exactly what route I'd take, what to expect from the traffic, nor how long it would take. It turns out that the weather was perfect, the wind was to my back and sticking with the back streets the traffic was minimal.

I first made my way to Chesapeake Blvd. to ride along the water.

As I rode, I could see my destination in the distance and watched as it grew nearer.

I traveled through downtown Hampton and then found a small bike path that took me to Hampton University. I rode through the university and the adjacent medical complex, all the while paralleling the interstate.

Crossing over the interstate, I once again detoured into the neighborhoods and rode through Phoebus and after an hour of riding at a very slow, relaxed pace, I found myself but on small bridge from my destination.

 I pushed on and in a matter of minutes stood outside the Chamberlin Hotel which I had been keeping an eye on for most of my commute.

I rode even slower through historic Fort Monroe to my final destination...

The ride - in a word - BEAUTIFUL!!!

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