Saturday, August 5, 2017

A Dream Realized

Day 63 - 8/5/17 - 32 miles west of Christiansburg, VA to Roanoke, VA - 64 Miles

Lori - 329 miles away

Average Speed - Maybe the fastest yet

Lodging - Hampton Inn, Roanoke, VA

This trellis is part of the New River Trail, a 50 mile rail to trail that parallels the New River between Pulaski and Galax.  A few miles into the ride this morning I came to the little town of Draper.  This is where the New River Trail and the Transamerica Trail intersect.  A few years ago, I was riding the New River Trail and stopped in Draper to buy some batteries in the small country store across the street.  It just so happens that there were some riders on road bikes that were fully laden with panniers front and back.  I struck up a conversation with them and they were riding across the country.  Here I was riding for the weekend and they were riding across the country.  I was envious.  After they rode away and I continued on the New River Trail, I kept thinking about how I would like to ride across the country someday.  Well that someday is today.  It was a moving moment.

The ride today was very pleasant.  I enjoyed amazingly cool temps, low humidity, minimal traffic and beautiful mountain views.

After a ride like today, what could make it better?  How about visiting a brewery or two...

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