Thursday, August 3, 2017

No Burden

Day 61 - 8/3/17 - Breaks, VA to Abingdon, VA - 74 Miles

Average Speed - Increased by minus 40 lbs

Lodging - Quality Inn in Abingdon

his morning it was back in my work clothes and pedal away.

If you study the above picture closely, you'll also notice something different about my bike.  NO BAGS!!!  With Lori being there, I was able to ride bag free.  It took me a while to get use to the handling of the bike minus the bags, but given the fact that I climbed in excess of 6000 ft. today, it was a welcomed relief.

The first 41 miles on Route 80 were absolutely splendid.  Big mountains and beautiful views. 

The last 33 miles, I went off route and took highway 19 to Abingdon.  Highway 19...a 4 lane road...a debris laden, piddly shoulder with a rumble strip down the center...traffic beyond measure traveling at speeds beyond measure...inconsiderate drivers...Those 33 miles were a ride from hell.  Enough said!

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