Thursday, August 10, 2017

I Just Gotta Do 60 Miles

Day 68 - 8/10/17 - Ashland, VA to Near Jamestown- 64 Miles

Lori - 28 miles away

Average Speed - With this kinda terrain you would expect it to be up there

Lodging - Chicahominy Riverfront Park - $31

I just gotta do 60 miles.  That's what I kept telling myself day after day after day...  To face over 4000 miles was too overwhelming.  Well, as I sit here in my campground on the final night of this journey, I'm ecstatic to be able to say that I don't have to do 60 miles anymore.

I'm less than 30 miles from finishing!!

I started riding early this morning and spent the first half of the day  working my way around the outskirts of Richmond.  I rode through numerous civil war battlefields and stopped often to read the historical markers.  The last half of the day I rode on the Capital Trail.  It was nice to be on a bike path and not have to worry about looking in my mirror to monitor the traffic behind me.

For dinner tonight I rummaged through my food bag and ate everything there was minus what I will eat for breakfast.  Tomorrow my gear will be the lightest its been on this trip.

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