Monday, August 7, 2017

Mountains...I Bid Thee Farewell

Day 65 - 8/7/17 - Vesuvius, VA to Charlottesville, VA - 61 Miles

Lori - 195 miles away

Average Speed - One Word...Vesuvius

Lodging - Hampton Inn, Charlottesville , VA

Today was an epic day.  After more than 4000 miles and The Cascades...The Bitteroots...The Rockies...The Appalachians...I coasted downhill and finished the mountains.  However, before then I had to square off and face the climb out of Vesuvius.  It's not the tallest pass.  It's not the longest pass.  BUT, it's the steepest pass by a long shot.  Turns out that today was an absolutely horrible day from a weather standpoint...rainy...cold...foggy!  If you want to envision that climb, think wet...from rain...from sweat...from tears...from drool...think wet!

It was only fitting.  My first major pass of this trip was McKenzie.  If you'll remember, I was met with cold...rain...sleet...snow.  Why should my final pass be any different?

My friend, Lee, drove up from Newport News, parked at Afton mountain and then rode the Blue Ridge Parkway south to meet me.  We intersected just as I crested Vesuvius.  We rode the rest of the day together.  They say misery loves company...I'm here to tell you, it's true!

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