Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Portrait of a Bike Tourist

Day 67 - 8/9/17 - Mineral, VA to Ashland, VA 44 Miles

Lori - 90 miles away

Average Speed - I almost passed my first cyclist, but he turned into his driveway

Lodging - Americamps - $11

I like this picture, because it captures pretty well how I see myself as a bicycle tourist.  One would think that toward the end of a long journey that the picture would be more clear, but I'm finding quite the opposite to be true.  So many many much much exposure...all in such a short period of time...too much to process!

In the beginning and it's all so new.

I'm in the middle and just focused on a day at a time.

I'm toward the end and the whole experience catches up with me and blows by me like a loaded logging truck on a narrow mountain road.  It's hard to hold a straight line.

I could go on, but this is a blog about bike riding, not philosophy, so let's focus on the ride.

I woke up this morning to nice cool temperatures.  After a cup of coffee and a sandwich from the nearby convenience store, I loaded my bike and was off.  The ride today took me through some nice Virginia countryside...

My original plan was to ride to Mechanicsville and stay in a motel, but they were crazy expensive, so I made the day a little shorter and stopped at a campground.  I was a little frustrated with not doing the miles I originally planned until I noticed this across the street...

To start out so deep.  To end so shallow.  Wecome to me!


  1. I know it's with mixed emotions you finish your ride. I'm so happy you were able to fulfill a dream. You've created life long memories. WELCOME HOME! debbie q

  2. Thanks Deb for your encouragement along the way.

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