Wednesday, August 26, 2009

C&O Canal and GAP Ride - Day 5 - It's All Down Hill From Here

For the past 208 miles, ever since leaving DC, we really had been riding uphill. Everybody we encountered over the last few days made a special effort to point that out - the 3 Fun Dip Kids, the guy outside Paw-Paw, the 3 guys inside Paw-Paw, the waitress inside the Schoolhouse Kitchen, a cashier in the gift shop at Fort Frederick... We had heard it so much that I had taken to, when telling folks about our travels, ending with, "I know - we're going uphill - what can I say - we're idiots." As I stood there looking at this elevation map, I realized just how big of idiots we really were.

Now that we stood atop the Eastern Continental Divide, staring at the elevation map, we refused to dwell on the past 208 miles but instead took great comfort in one other truth that it revealed. The remaining 100+ miles of our trip were all downhill.

We waisted no time in pushing off and for the first time in 5 days, enjoy going downhill. With minimal effort, we were cruising at the trail speed limit of 15 mph.We chewed up the 10 miles to our lunch stop in Meyersdale.

We ran into the Tandem Couple from Ohio who were about to ride downhill into town for lunch. Since we were only 10 miles from our stop for the night in Rockwood and more importantly a bike shop to fix Bob's bike, we skipped lunch and rode on.
In no time at all we were in Rockwood, PA.

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