Saturday, June 10, 2017

A Bridge...A River...A Dory

Day 5 - 6/8/17 - Coburg, OR to Halfway Up McKenzie Pass - 72 Miles

Average Speed - Started out higher

Hammock - Y

Lodging - NPS Campground - Free

It was our longest day of the trip so far, with a lot of climbing to boot.  We started riding at 7 am and didn't pull into campsite until 5:30 pm.  It was uphill all day and the last 15 miles took 3 hours to cover.  We still have at least 3 more hours tomorrow morning to get to the top.

It was raining when we broke camp this am and it was still raining when we set up camp this pm.  All my stuff is hanging in tent to dry. 

We are staying in a NPS campground halfway up McKenzie Pass.   It is wet and cold!  It's only 6:30 and I am already in my sleeping bag for the night, it's the only place to stay warm and dry.  It will be a cold dinner of beef and cheese sticks and a Kind bar...yummy!

Now I don't want you to take the above dialogue as complaining.  I am not.  I am grateful to have a dry, warm place to sleep tonight.  I am grateful for the health to be able to ride 72 miles.  I am grateful for an employer that allowed me to take 3 months off to pursue a dream.  I am grateful for Lori to love amd trust me enough to let me go.  I am grateful for the experiences that this day provided, like...

Covered bridges...

Beautiful views of a river snaking through the mountains...

Fishing from a dory...

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