Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Flawless Technique - Almost

Day 25 - 6/28/17 - Dubois, WY to Lander, WY - 76 Miles

Average Speed - Man that wind

Lodging - Lander City Park - free

When you're riding 6 to 8 hours a day there is one thing you inevitably have to deal with and that is going to the bathroom.  I have perfected a technique in which I put my right foot down and keep my left foot clipped in the pedal.  I turn slightly to my right and am able to take care of business discreetly.  My handlebar bag and front panniers shield me from cars coming from the front and my back is to those cars coming from behind. Perfect...or so I thought...until today.  I took care of business as described above and then I reached in my handlebar bag to take a bite of Clif Bar,  I fumbled the bar and it landed right in the middle of where I had just relieved myself...I debated rinsing it off with water when I realized I had another in my bag.  The point to ponder here is what if that were my last Clif Bar?

A storm blew through Dubois early this morning so I sat it out and got on the road around 9 AM.  I followed the Wind River most of the day and I now know where it got that name, lucky for me it was a TAILWIND!

Here are a few pics of today's ride.  What do you see?

Nothingness - that's what you see and that's what there was.  It was wide open country with little to no trees.  There were long stretches where as far as I could see up the road and behind there was people.  There was just cattle...horses...the occasional pronghorn...and ME.

I absolutely loved it!!!

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